Prayer is an interesting proposition. On one hand, we believe that God is complete control and we can not demand that the Lord bow to our wishes. We do not manipulate the plans and purposes of God by coming to Him with our requests. On the other hand, prayer works! God hears the prayers of His people and responds to the needs of those He loves. So which is it? A study of the book of Psalms (the theology of the Old Testament) reveals that what prayer does is aligns us up with the plans and purposes of God. Coming to the Lord in prayer often gives us eyes to better see the plan of God revealed in the lives of people. It enables us to come to grips with His plan and then see how that plan is working out in history. At the same time, as we pray effectively, we see that God chooses to respond to our prayers, to remind us that He hears us and responds to us. Prayer then prepares our hearts to accept and follow the plan of God, and enables us to see His mighty hand at work. May we find peace in the reality of God’s plan for enabling us to see Him work.