1 Corinthians 11 is the passage that everyone goes to when it comes to the instruction of the Lord’s table. 1 Corinthians is the first epistle written historically, and was done while the church was still in its early stages of development. Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, writes about the process of coming to this table, and reminds the people of Corinth that it is a solemn privilege for the believe, that is designed to bring us back to the relationship we have with Christ. This table is administered not to give us grace, but to remind us of the grace that has enabled us to have the relationship with Christ that we enjoy. It is designed to keep before us the necessity to stay at the foot of the cross no matter how long it has been since we made our initial decision to follow Christ. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate our walk, and recognize that we need continued forgiveness as we struggle through out personal battle with our flesh, and our enemy. If you have not taken the time to worship at the Lord’s table recently, I would encourage you to look for that opportunity and be reminded of Christ’s working in your life.