Exodus 13 talks of the deliverance of Israel from the Egyptian bondage. What a miraculous power, God displayed by delivering His people from the most powerful nation of the time. And they were released from their bondage without Israel “firing” a single shot. It was all made possible by the power of God. Fast forward a few centuries, and on the night that Jesus was betrayed, He was celebrating that deliverance, as he took a cup from the Passover meal, and said to the Disciples, “This cup represents my blood, which will be shed for you.” While God provided physical deliverance for the people of Israel through the Passover, it only pictured the deliverance that the people truly needed, deliverance from Sin. That deliverance is pictured as we come to the Lord’s table and celebrate the work of Christ in delivering His people from their sin. Passover commemorates an outward deliverance from the slavery of Egypt, The Lord’s Supper commemorates an inward deliverance from the power of sin. If you have not taken a moment to evaluate your need for Christ, do so today. If you have forgotten how much we should be grateful for our deliverance from sin then perhaps today we should take the time today to bow our heads in gratitude before our wonderful God