I am a fisherman, and as I go out and catch a nice fish, I like to put it back into the water, and then with a sense of satisfaction over the pleasure of the catch and release, I sit back and immediately get a sense that “I want another one!” All the fish I catch never seems to satisfy me; it only feeds the desire to get one more! Why is it so easy to become ungrateful? No matter what we have we seem to want more. Because of our perspective, we struggle to see the value of what is going on around us. Part of our struggle is that we see the world through the lens of what is best for ME! Ingratitude takes us places we were never designed to go, it makes us focus on ourselves, and causes us to believe that we deserve something better, or that we are somehow missing something that we need. How do we overcome ingratitude? We do so by intentionally directing our focus to what the Lord has done for us, and then remembering what He will do for us. Take some time today and read Psalm 118 from your Bible. This is the last of the Hillel Psalms (Psalms of Praise), this song was sung at the conclusion of the Passover feast, and would have been the “hymn” that Jesus sung as He completed the Passover with His disciples. Read it with that thought in mind, and see what filled the mind of the Lord as He went out to endure the suffering of the Cross, and then rest in the gratitude of the Lord.