We see that the early church met regularly and often to practice corporate prayer. In the Book of Acts we see the church meeting to pray to understand the will and plan of God (Acts2:1ff); for boldness and courage to preach the Word of God in the community and to make it real in our lives (Acts 4:23-24); To set aside leadership for the work God needed them to do (Acts 6:3-6); To intercede for others in need (Act 12:5ff); and to understand the purpose of God (Acts 13:1-2). With all these things in mind, why is it that we continue to devalue the power and importance of prayer. As followers of Christ, We need to join together to pray for the wisdom, strength, and direction that the Lord gives to those who seek it from Him (James 1:5). We need to always remember that Jesus said that “He would build his church” (Matthew 16:18), and that organism is corporate not individual. As the church was founded, it was essential for the church to be viewed as corporate over individual, as all people had all things in common. The church is about us, not me! We need to keep that in mind as we have the liberty and opportunity to join together for a common cause and purpose.