The most vital ministries in a church always included some that are not obvious. The faithful prayers and services of a few dedicated saints who hold no office frequently are the most reliable and productive channels of spiritual power in a congregation. Yet, those with less noticeable ministries are sometimes vulnerable to misunderstanding, and often toe neglect or lack of appreciation. These people should be protected by fellow believers just as the body protects its vital organs. To do the work of God effectively, each part needs to function in unison. This working allows the body to function effectively, and creates a unity of purpose within its members. What a Great God we have who makes all those who are followers of Christ, valuable in His service. One of the struggles with the multi-church movement, with “hired” participants is that those who are not apart of the “inner circle” often feel like they are not wanted or needed in the ministry of the church. No church can function without every person doing their part in the ministry of the body. Ephesians 4:12 reminds us that the teaching gifts given to the church are given, “For the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, …” The work of the ministry is not to be carried out only by the paid staff, but by the members of the body. It is the body that can carry truth to the world in every avenue where they are located. It is the vocational servants who have the job of equipping the body to do it. Once in the church, the body is to function as a whole to bring encouragement and strength to that body. What are you doing to bring that encouragement and strength?