In Ephesians 4:16, we see that the power for being equipped and matured into lovingly authentic proclaimers is not in believers themselves, in their leaders, or in church structure. The Body receives its authority, direction and power as it grows “up in all aspects into Christ, from whom the whole body [is] fitted and held together.” The proper working of each individual part recalls the importance of each believer’s gift. The growth of the church is not a result of clever methods but of every member of the body fully using their spiritual gift in close contact with other believers. Christ is the source of the life and power and growth of the church, which He facilitates through each believer’s gifts and mutual ministry in joints touching other believers is to stay close to Jesus Christ, faithfully using their spiritual gift in close contact with every believer they touch. As with all living organisms, spiritual growth in the church does not come from forces outside but from the vital power within that causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself. When the church is built up according to Christ’s plan, the world will know it is the Body of Christ (John 13:34-35).