What is the relationship between repentance and Biblical change? The Bible indicates that repentance is an important aspect of change, but change cannot happen unless a person repents of their sin. True Biblical, God honoring change will certainly involve more than just a turning from sin, it will include a change in behavior that is brought about because of the gratitude that we experience from the forgiveness of God. Repentance is not the entire journey, but the journey to change cannot be accomplished without repentance as the beginning point. May times people feel remorse over sinful behavior, but that remorse does not lead to any identifiable change, A person who is repentant is a person who has seen their sin for what it is, rebellion against God, and who recognizes their need to turn from that choice and live in a way that brings Glory to the Lord (1 Corinthians10:31). Choose today, to turn from your sins and to God, who will enable you to overcome those sinful choices. To truly overcome sin, turn to the body of Christ (the church) to give you support and encouragement in your daily walk.