Why was the Bible Written? This is a question that has been asked by many over the centuries. The purpose of the Word of God is to reveal God’s plan to overcome, man’s problem. When man sinned in the garden, he became incapable of coming to God. So God has given us His plan for restoring the relationship that has been lost in the fall. The Word of God is given to prepare people for the coming of Christ, and to come to appreciate and accept the Work of Christ to provide salvation which brings a restored relationship to God. In order to give that instruction, God begins with a time of teaching in order to make possible a proper understanding of the ministry of Christ, this is done in the Old Testament, through the calling out of a people (Israel) and a giving of the law to Moses. There needed to be time for Israel and the world to recognize the need for a messiah. The New Testament the explains the shadows and instruction of the Old Testament, and fills up the History of salvation. Today, the events of our lives move us to a point where we realize that we have a need for something outside our lives in order to find purpose and peace. It is the Bible that gives us that direction, which allows us to learn to trust in the God who loves us and provided salvation through His Son. Take time to turn to the Bible and read it today.