Why do people keep saying that Christ must return? As we examine scripture we are reminded that God’s plan for the church demands the return of Christ. According to Acts 15:14, God is currently “visiting the Gentiles to take out of them a people for His name. God is gathering His elect into one great body, the church, and the church’s role is to be like a pure bride for God’s own Son, ready to be presented to Him at His second coming. Scripture repeatedly portrays Christ at His Second Coming as a Bridegroom coming to claim His bride. Christ must return for His bride so that when He comes back after the marriage supper He will establish his kingdom with His bride (the church) and His people (Israel); This is part of the reason that the Second coming is seen in two stages: first, the rapture (catching away) of the church before the great tribulation begins, and second, the glorious return of Christ, seen in Revelation 19, to establish His reign on the earth as He promised. What does this mean? No matter how bad this world turns away from God, one day every eye will see Christ coming in all His splendor and majesty. Take heart all who are followers of Jesus Christ, for He will provide perspective in the midst of an evil world!