Have you ever wondered why there are still Jewish people in the world today? It seems odd that a people group that has been attacked and attempted to be destroyed over the Millenia are still a thriving people group. The only explanation for this is that there is a power greater than man, that is at work in this group of people. Israel is a nation today (after almost 2000 years of exile) because God is not finished with them yet! It is this reality that demands the return of Christ. While the church is the agent that the Lord is currently using to provide salt and light to a dark and perverted world, the time will come when God will turn to the people he chose in the beginning, to be the preparatory people to point to the Messiah. Redemptive History would not be complete if the Lord does not fulfill His promises to Abraham and his descendants. According to Old Testament prophecies, the Messiah (Jesus) must rule on the Throne of David, and through Jesus all the nations of the earth will be blessed (Given to Abraham, Genesis 12). We are reminded that God cannot lie, and He promised these things to the nation, and to the Jewish people. The day will come, when Christ will reveal himself to His people, and they will turn in mass to the one whom they chose to abandon in His crucifixion. Jesus died in his incarnation to provide hope and salvation for the world. He will return, as He promised to fulfill the Old Testament promises given to the children of God, Israel. We can rest in confidence as we watch God unfold the pages of Redemptive History in the days that lay ahead, by proving proof of His commitment to His Word.