n John 14:1 we are instructed by Christ to “Stop allowing your hearts to be troubled. For the disciples, the last few days had been an emotional roller coaster. Their fervent messianic hopes had reached an apex during the triumphal entry – only to be dashed when Jesus publicly announced His impending death in John 12:24. The concept of a dying Messiah had no place in their theology, and they were no doubt unsettled because they sensed that the Lord was leaving them. Jesus knew the disciples’ hearts and He understood their confusion and concerns, and he tells them to stop allowing their hearts to become overwhelmed by the immediate circumstances that they were facing. How do we stop this struggle in our hearts? It begins by remembering the truth of our situation. We need to focus on the truth which is external to our circumstances, and not to the emotions brought about by our current conditions. Jesus will remind us that He is the truth (John 14:6) and that He will show us the way. Our lives are hidden in Him, and we do not need to fear. There is no circumstance that comes into our lives that is permanent. Everything will have a resolution in its time. Our Trust is not in ourselves, but in the God who created all things. Rest comes from understanding that in the midst of trial, I can find peace. In Psalm 23:5, we are reminded that “the Lord will prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” Since He makes that promise we can trust Him with our circumstances. Today, rest in the presence of Christ as He provides perspective in the midst of the trials you are facing.