The word used in 1 Peter 5:5 for “clothed,” pictures the white scarf or apron of slaves, which was fastened to the belt of the vest and distinguished slaves from freemen. The idea here is to allow humility to be our identifying trait. This verb is in a tense that means to have it done in the past and allow it to remain upon you, and that we are told to allow it to be done to us. In instructing us to put on the garment of a slave and serve others, Peter might be reflecting back on John 13, when Jesus girded himself with a towel and ministered to the disciples. We clothe ourselves with humility when we meet each other’s needs without regarding any task as being beneath us. We must understand that pride and selfishness dwell naturally within our flesh, but we are to follow the example of Jesus, and not the tendencies of the flesh. As followers of Christ, we must understand two things: One, we must not believe that we are not good to serve others. It does not matter who we are, we Need to be willing to stoop and serve others. Second, which may be harder, we are not too good to be served by others. Jesus came to serve others, but he was not above allowing others to serve Him also. It is hard for us to accept help from others, but when we do not allow others to minister to our needs, we rob them of the same blessings that we receive by stooping to help others.