Remembering who God is and what He has done glorifies Him and strengthens our faith. Tho help us do that, we need to spend time in the Word of God. For it is God’s Word where we learn of Who God is and what He is capable of doing. Instead of worrying about problems we cannot solve, we can learn to rest in the power of Who our God is. God’s attributes are displayed in His works, If you have a problem facing you that you don’t know how to solve, remember what God has done in the past to bring about deliverance, and it will be a reminder to you of His ability to deliver you kin the present. We must understand that we cannot begin to know and understand th peace and joy of the Lord unless we first of all know the Lord of peace and joy. We must be willing to acknowledge all that He has and is doing for us, if we ever hope to gain the victory that is ours through Christ our Lord.