It seems that often it is easier for us to complain about what we are to do, than actually step up and do the job. In Numbers 13, the nation of Israel was at Kadesh-Barnea and God told them to go occupy the promised land. They sent in 12 men to spy out the land, and those 12 came back with a report. 10 of them complained that the task would be to hard, and the nation mistook God’s directive as a democracy rather than a Theocracy. Their complaints lead the nation to decided that it would not be wise to go into the land at this time, and as a result, God caused them to wander in the wilderness 40 years (Until all who rebelled died). This is a reminder that we should not look at the giants before us and allow them to lead us to complain about the work it will take to remove them. Complaining is the symptom of a deep-seated spiritual problem – a failure to trust God and submit to His will. not only does complaining corrupt our hearts, and attitudes, it is a contagious problem that affects those around us. We must learn to trust God with the challenges of life, and watch Him work to bring all challenges into bit size pieces.