Deception! In Matthew 24:4-5 Jesus, tells us that as He prepares to return there will be the appearance of those who claim to be the answer to the problems of mankind. These are people who promise deliverance from racial, economic, religious, social and national ills. We live in a day where discernment is lost, we are tempted to believe what we are told, rather than to search out the truth. The struggle is how do we know what the truth is? Many years ago, as Jesus was questioned by Pilate before His crucifixion, Pilate asked a question that has plagued mankind for centuries, “What is truth?” (John 18:38). People have asked me over the years, “With so many religions, denominations, and churches, how do we know which one is correct?” My answer to that is a simple, but complex answer: “To know the truth, you must understand what the Bible says, and trust it as truthful!” It really does not matter what men and women, think the Bible means, what matters is simply, “What does the Bible says.” Circumstances may change but God never does! We can trust the simple truths of the Word of God to guide us through the circumstances of life. The forms of those circumstances may have changed, but the principles taught in the Word of God never has. the role of a pastor/teacher is not to gain a following for themselves, or to be remembered for all the things they have taught. The role of the pastor/teacher is to point people to Jesus Christ, encourage them as they follow Christ, and equip them to serve the Lord as we await together for the return of our Savior. It should be enough for us, to know that the God of all creation, has us in view and will never forget who we are and what we have done for the kingdom of God. How do we combat this error? We must spend time in the Word of God and be prepared to give an answer for the hope that lies within us.