As we come to Revelation 6, we are introduced to a terrifying time, and a terrifying group of horsemen. As we reflect back on Revelation chapters 4-5 we are amazed at the scene in heaven, and the wonder of the throne of God, and those who are worshipping at that throne. Alot has been made of the 4 horsemen, but before we take a few days to look at them, we need to be reminded of two very important things regarding this revelation in chapter 6. First, these things are given to provide hope in the hearts of believers, not fear! As followers of Jesus Christ, we do not need to be afraid of these riders or what they bring to the world. Second, we need to recognize that they cannot unleash their power onto the world, until God deems the time right, and Christ opens the seals on the scroll given to Him by the Lord! One of the realities of the Book of Revelation is that God demonstrates His power. Throughout the book we find creatures and angels who are bond for a time as Christ prepares His return. I have been asked if these things are not going to affect me, why do I need to know about them? The reason is that we are commissioned to tell the world, and if we are going to tell them about salvation, we need to be able to tell people why they need a savior and what that Savior will save them from. While the tribulation is a short period, many will not survive the events of that time period. It is important that people understand that God has provided an opportunity for people to repent of their sin and turn to Him. This is one of the reasons that he permits these things to come upon mankind. Remember my friends, life is short, but eternity is forever. We are to watch and prepare for the coming of our eternity, it is only one breath away!