A century ago most people believed that history was progressing inexorably toward a man-made utopia. The Industrial Revolution, the march of scientific discovery, and the increasing pace of social reform seemed to augur nothing but brighter days ahead. Today, however, two world wars; innumerable regional, civil, and national wars; countless acts of terrorism and senseless violence; and the nearly complete collapse of moral values make such rosy optimism seem quaintly naive. The Bible teaches that things will be wonderfully better, but only after they become unimaginably worse. There is only one solution for the world’s problems: the return of its true king, the Lord Jesus Christ, to establish absolute monarchy and unilateral authority in His earthly kingdom. Only under His rule will there be peace instead of war, justice instead of inequity, and righteousness instead of wickedness. But that glorious even will not occur without fierce opposition from Satan, his demon hordes, and the world of wicked sinners. As we look toward Christ’s return, we are reminded that the events that are happening that seem to be unfair and immoral, are not going unnoticed by the Lord. Our peace is not found in the governments of the world, and for the “right person” to come to leadership globally! Our peace is found in the plan and purpose of the Lord. Look up and prepare for that return.