The first matter for Jesus’ attention as He sets up His Millennial kingdom, is the confinement of the chief rebel. The testimony of Scripture is that Satan is anything but bound in this present age, but will be during the coming earthly kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. His activity in the world will not be merely restricted or restrained, but totally curtailed; he will not be permitted to influence the world in any way. With this in mind, is it any wonder that as the coming of Christ comes closer and closer, Satan’s activity in the world will get more and more aggressive. Do not be overwhelmed by the evil that is present, rather recognize it as Satan’s attempt to bring turmoil to a world that is not his, nor ever will be. Our text today reminds us that not only will Christ enslave Satan, but He does not have to do it personally, rather He will delegate that role to one of His mighty angels. This is a reminder to us that not only is God greater than our enemy, Satan, but He has other created beings that are more powerful than our enemy also. Satan is only permitted to do his evil work, but is still under the control of our mighty God. What Satan is allowed to do is in the direct plan and purpose of our God. We don’t always understand what the plan of God is in our lives, and in the history of the world, but we can rest in His sovereign goodness and mercy, as we prepare for the soon return of His Son.