Jesus started His week of the crucifixion by making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, but it was not to be the entrance that the disciples thought it was going to be. He entered to die, His kingdom was not of this world, it was a kingdom of heaven. As we turn to the book of Revelation 21 we see that the ultimate fulfillment of prophecy is the establishment of a New Heaven and a New Earth. Not one like we had only new, but one that is different and distinct. We are told that the old earth and heaven will pass away, and a New Heaven will be a part of the eternal rule of our Savior, who has become the fulfillment of the promise from of old. The New Heaven and New Earth is the place where all tears will be wiped away, all pain will end, and there will be on more death! What a promise to look forward too! A New Heaven and Earth is being prepared for those who enjoy a relationship with Christ. This weekend is a time we focus on the death and resurrection of Christ, make it a special time of hope and perspective in the midst of the struggles of life. Remember, my friends, this world is cursed by sin, and will disappoint us if we do not stay focused on what is to come.