When exploring the background of Moses as he prepared to lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt, we are reminded of several points to ponder. First, it is critical that we give our children a background that will outlast the teaching and instruction of the world. Moses’ parents were able to input his life until he was early in his development, and their instruction provided a foundation for his faith. Second, it is important for us to recognize that not all opportunities are good for us to follow! Moses was offered the opportunity to be the next Pharoah of Egypt, but he refused that being willing to suffer affliction with the people of God (Hebrews 11:25). Third, we need to learn to live by a faith that allows us to believe in God and trust His plan for our lives. In Hebrews 11:23-29, it is recorded all the things that Moses was able to accomplish, because of his faith in the power and plan of God. Finally, all our decisions need to be founded upon the faith we have in God. We forget that Moses had no written revelation, and yet he displayed great faith in the Lord. We need to be reminded that our faith needs to be placed in the God who delivered Israel, and worked throughout the Old and New Testament. We have a God who is able. As we instruct our children, and grandchildren, it would be good for us to remember these 4 points, and take the necessary steps to implement them into our lives, and model them for our families.