Josephus, a first century historian, wrote that Moses grew to be so handsome that passerby would stop to look at him. No doubt the heart of Moses’ mother was heavy as she brought him to the gate of the great palace to give him to Pharaoh’s daughter. But even as she had faith as she placed her baby in a little basket in the Nile, she now had faith that God would keep him in the midst of the evils he would face. And there would be many evils, such as the godless Egyptian teaching and idol worship. Although Proverbs 22:6 had not been written yet for encouragement to her, Moses’ mother practiced the principle of doing what she could while she had Moses and then entrusting him to God when he had to leave home. The decisions we make are focused on the knowledge we have acquired. Good decisions are based a foundation of principles that we have built into our lives. If we want to make godly decisions, we must base them on the clear teaching of the Word of God. In order to do that, we must hide those principles into our hearts, so that we might not sin against God (Psalm 119:11). If we want to help our children to stand against the sins of our culture, we must help them hide the Word of God in their hearts, don’t wait, begin today!