According to Proverbs 31:10 & 30 we see that a godly woman is a rare find “Who can find one.” The characteristics described here are characteristics that all women should seek to develop and reminds us that this woman is a woman of ability, who is capable and strong in character, and her “worth is far above rubies.” She is priceless in that no one is able to achieve her character without truly “fearing the Lord.” Her true strength lies in her relationship to the Lord, and that relationship develops in her an inner beauty that transforms the outside. While her outward physical beauty may fade, her inward beauty which is marked with peace and contentment, causes her face grows sweeter as the years pass by. Ladies, are you striving to develop your walk with the Lord as you continue to move forward in your lives? Guys, are you willing to encourage your wife to become a woman that is pleasing to the Lord? Work together to make this transition naturally.