How wonderful to bask in the glory of the warm sun! As I sit in my office this morning, I am seeing the sun reflect off the trees and grass, and can only rejoice in the wonder of what the Sun does. Isn’t it interesting how the sun gives life to the plants around us and how it changes the landscape of all it touches. That warmth also touches our hearts, and gives us a fresh perspective on the world. The sun gives the plants the energy to bring that sap up from its roots, and revitalizes the plants so they begin to sprout leaves and flowers. That revitalization also brings about fruit that we can enjoy and appreciate. Just as the Sun does this to the physical realm, so to the Son does it in the spiritual realm. The Son brings life to those who seemed to be dead, it brings beauty into the life of those who were once ugly. As we allow the Son to shine upon us we find it warming our hearts, and giving us new life and we beautify the area that we are apart of. What a wonder is the glow of the Son as He takes what was once dormant and makes it beautiful again. Consider this as we move further and further into spring.