Thomas asked Jesus in John 14:5, where he was going. To that Jesus gives a deep rich response in John 14:6. He gives 3 directives that give clarification to His direction. He begins by saying that He is the Way. with this He picks up on the teaching that John records in John 10:1-30 where he talks about Him being the door to enter into the fold of God. He is not “A” way but is “THE” way to the Father. This is exclusive language, as He shares with the disciples that He is the only way to come to God. This was important, because the religious leaders taught that you could only approach God through the temple and temple worship. Jesus is sharing that there is no other means of gaining access to the Father but through Him. He has spent 3 1/2 years demonstrating that truth to the disciples, and they had a practical and personal understanding of that truth. This brings us to our question today, “How are you attempting to approach the Father?” We can come to the Father as the Son has given us permission, or we can attempt to approach the Father through our own means. Only one way gives us the access we desire. Come to the Father through the Son!