As Jesus responded to Thomas’ concern in that the disciples did not know where Jesus was going, Jesus responds with the rich response in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.” Being “The Way” reminds us that Jesus is the direction by which we get to the Father, as he alludes to His teaching found in John 10:1-30. His statement that He is “the Truth” picks up on His teaching found in John 6:22-59, where He teaches that He is the “Light of the World”. Jesus came to share with us not only who God is, but how to get to Him. If we want to know the truth of a subject we need to attempt to go back to its source, and Jesus is that source. You want to know who the Father is, and how to approach Him you simply need to turn to the teaching that Is given to us in the Word of God to understand those truths. Jesus said to the religious leaders of the day, “If you do not believe me for what I say, believe me for what I do, for they testify of who I am.” (cf. John 14:11). Jesus did the things He did to validate the message that He presented. This same Jesus, is the one we place our trust in for salvation. We can find peace and rest in the midst of our circumstances as we look to Him for our Hope and Help.