As interest in Baptism has sort of decreased in our current church culture, it was a blessing to have 4 young men baptized at our church this past Sunday. What a wonderful opportunity for these young men to declare publicly their commitment to Christ, and desire to be a visual witness for Him. It is amazing how many people who proclaim Christ and confess Christ have never been properly baptized. May I be so bold as to suggest that failure to be obedient in the matter of baptism, is at the root of some of the immense problems in people’s lives and in the church in general? Because it allows the church to fill up with people who unfaithful to the simplest commands of the Lord and of His Word, and that is serious. When Jesus said, “Go unto all the world and make disciples, baptizing them . . .” Jesus was giving a command to us saying, as you go out there, evangelize, and make disciples, and hte mark of that is to baptize them, and teach them to observe the things I have commanded you. Even Peter speaking to those in Acts 2:38, said, Repent, and be baptized. He gave teh command that those who turned to Christ should be baptized, not for salvation, but according to 1 Peter 3:21, it is the “answer of a good conscience toward God.” IN many ways, Baptism is the easiest act of obedience as a Christian you can do. This simple act, when obediently done, demonstrates a heart that seeks to honor the Word of God. May we choose to step forward and identify our lives with Christ.