What are you looking forward to? as we continue to consider 1 Peter 1:13, we are reminded to “hope to the end.” We have been encouraged to Know the Truth, and to Live in the Truth, and here we are reminded to Trust the Truth. Are we living in an expectation for what God is going to do in our lives? God has a wonderful plan for His children, we are reminded that He is preparing a place for us where He is! With that we need to ask ourselves if we are living each day with an anticipation for what is to come. This understanding should cause us to strive for personal holiness. We need to understand that, as a believer, Satan will attempt to cause us to rationalize our sin, and justify our actions. We are to protect ourselves by choosing to live holy lives, and choose to live in the power of the Word of God as the Holy Spirit applies that Word to our lives. The expectation that we have as believers is a great motivation to anticipate what is to come.