Recently a man came into my office and looked at my library. He asked me if I had read all the books in my library, or if they were there to impress those who come into the office. My response was that these books represent the people that I have allowed to disciple me over the years. They have challenged me in my walk with Christ, and motivated me to know God and make Him known. 1 Corinthians 1:21 reminds us that, “… It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” This brings us to another reason to attend a church. We need to be confronted by the Word of God outside of our own thinking. Not to find new and exciting truths (although that may happen), but because we have the uncanny ability to justify our behavior. Hearing the truth proclaimed by another person, causes us to view a portion of Scripture in a different light. The Spirit of God often takes those messages, and convicts and convinces us of His truths in our lives. The confrontation of the Word of God stimulates us to greater godliness! Yet often in our own approach to the Scriptures, we may not see those truths, because we are looking through the Bible with our own eyes. Allow yourself to be challenged in a new way each week as you come to church to meet with God. This confrontation brings us into a new understanding of our lives, and the world around us.