Every relationship that we enjoy must have a start. What brought us together, is often key to understanding the importance of developing and maintaining a relationship. We must understand that all relationships must start with God. As we attempt to cultivate a meaningful relationship how do we develop that relationship Biblically. First, Understand the biblical pattern for fulfillment of our God given desires. We all like to be accepted, and have those that we can share our hearts with, but we must not begin to build our relationship on physical, emotional, or personal desires. Our relationship must first of all be built on being the person that God desires us to be. We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves. Second, we need to focus on the spiritual and social relationship not the physical. Do I invest time praying with and for the other person, Remember God will not suddenly mean something to you once you get into the relationship if He means nothing to you before. Finally, If you are unready for a close relationship, you should back of and continue to work on who you are, and your personal walk with Christ. Remember, it is never too late to begin your walk with Christ, and develop your walk with Him. He will take you where you are and lead you to become more like Him.