Thanksgiving is the outward and inward communication of how grateful we are for all the things God has given us. As we grow as a Christian, we should see a spirit of thanksgiving developing in our lives. Someone once said, “God lives in two places: in heaven, and in a humble, grateful heart.” We are so prone to ingratitude, because we are born with a propensity to selfishness. Grumbling and complaining are natural to us, not because we choose to be ungrateful, but because we are born with a sin nature that leads us to unrealistic expectations that cause us to see what we do not have rather than what we have. Gratitude is a choice that we need to make every day as we begin and end the day. Psalm 92:1 says, “It is good to praise the Lord and make music to His name to proclaim his love in the morning and his faithfulness at night.” As we wake each morning we need to see and recognize that we have this day as a present from the Lord and look for His blessing throughout the day. As we go to bed at night we must review our day, and give thanks for all that the Lord has done for us throughout each day. Thanksgiving is a way of life, not just a day out of the year. May we choose to be grateful for God’s blessing in our lives each and every day.