One of the hardest things we do as a follower of Jesus Christ, is determine which church to attend. There are so many churches to choose from, and so many denominations, and often we wonder which one is correct. Today, people look for many things: One of the buzzwords is “Fellowship, caring, and sharing” Problem is that you can find this anywhere where a group meets. Others say, “A place alive, exciting, enthusiastic, and entertaining. This doesn’t limit to the church either, I can go to Cedar Point and find that, and I am not sure that a church can compete with places like that. Still others say, “Fin a church with a “good preacher” Problem: define “good” Someone who is interesting to listen to (define that). Comedians are interesting to listen to, and they may make us laugh, but what have they done to help us face our circumstances? The ride may be fun, but our lives have not been changed. So, what is the answer? The bottom line is that there is only one thing that really matters. The answer is: How do they handle the Word of God. We go to church to bring glory to the Lord, and in order to do that we must come to know Him and make Him known. The only way to truly know Him, and make Him known, is to understand what the Word of God says about Him. This is not what does our traditions teach us, or our denominations believe, it is simply what does the Bible say, and then in light of what it says, what am I to do. As we look for a church, we should look for a church where the leaders are committed to the Word of God by preaching it, teaching it, implementing it, applying it, and enforcing it. Psalm 119:161 says, “… My heart stands in awe of Thy Word!” This is the spirit of a true worshipper, to stand in awe of His Word. It is the Responsibility of the church to guard, proclaim and defend the Word of God. when this is not the churches priority the church begins to crumble and disintegrate. The issue becomes how serious do we really want to take the Bible. The answer to this question will manifest your true heart to our Savior!