In 1 Kings 5:5 Solomon “purposed” to do the task of building a house for “the name of the Lord.” A place where people could go to and find out who God is. It is essential that we have a place where we know we can learn of the Lord. This is not a place where we might run into God (beach, golf course, sporting event, etc.), but a place where you go for the purpose of understanding who God is and what He desires of us as one who follows Him. That place is the local church. This gives a fucus for ministry, and a goal for our attendance. People by nature gt tired, and it is important that we understand the reason behind our service and attendance in order to persevere through the tough times of our lives. When we serve with a purpose (bringing Glory to God). We serve with more excitement and enthusiasm when we know what we are attempting to attain. To have a reason for our planning gives it direction, and with direction comes the ability to evaluate whether we are accomplishing our goal. Business is not a virtue, but working to the glory of God is. We may not have the personal results that we were looking for, but if we do our best to bring Glory to God in what we do, it will always accomplish the goal that God intends. Today, as you approach a new day, choose to “Glorify God by challenging those around you to know God and make Him known.” As you prepare for a new opportunity to understand what that means, choose a place where the name of the Lord is exalted through His Word.