the most powerful and pervasive of all idols is the idol of the self. All of us struggle with that idol in one way or another. God’s focus is not primarily on our actions, but on our hearts and our tendency toward idolatry. Like Adam and Eve, every sinner has the desire to be in control and to have the world operate according to their pleasure and will, Jesus lived, died, and was raised again to break our bondage to this idol. As God’s ambassadors we must speak with the heart in focus. Most of the time our words reflect our attempt to get what we want or our frustrations when we fail. All of this communication focus on the physical world and flows out of the heart that worships and serves the creation more than the Creator. God’s agenda in these moments is fundamentally spiritual. God knows that only when He owns our hearts unchallenged, will we relate to the world in the way He has ordained. God wants our hearts to be revealed because we need to see them in order to repent. We must always remember that God is focused not only on the momentary solution to our problems, but on a long-term change of heart.