in Romans 12:1-2 there is an implied fourth element of presenting ourselves to God as a living holy, and acceptable sacrifice, that that is offering Him our will. The Greek constructions here makes “that you may prove” a purpose/result phrase. When a believer’s mind is transformed, their thinking ability, moral reasoning, and spiritual understanding are able to properly assess everything, and to accept only what conforms to the will of God. A transformed mind produces a transformed will, by which we become eager and able, with the Spirit’s help, to lay aside our own plans and to trustingly accept God’s no matter what the cost. The divine transformation of our minds and wills must be constant, because we are still continuouisly tempted through our remaining humanness, our minds and wills must be continuously transformed through God’s Word and by God’s Spirit. The product of a transformed mind is a life that does the tings God has declared to be righteous, fitting, and complete. Understand God wants us to be transformed, and He has made all the provision necessary for that transformation to take place.