Through first-hand testimony and through fulfilled prophecy even in the burial of Christ, God is at work vindicating Jesus Christ as His Son. God controlled every element of the death and burial of Christ. In Matthew 27:62-66 we see that the Chief Priests and Pharisees are so aware of the teaching of Christ that they attempt to thwart any effort of the disciples to continue his “error” They approach Pilate about making sure that the tomb is secure so that no one would steal Jesus’ body to attempt to make His teaching on His death “appear” to be a reality. God uses this to verify the deity of Jesus, by securing the tomb, there would be no empty tomb because of a stolen body. The only way that Jesus could get out of that tomb was through His bodily resurrection. All the soldiers had to do is guarantee that the body was still there on day three, and all he said could be discounted. But they were not able to do that, because it is God who is at work, and no man can stop the plan of God. As we approach our lives, this same God is the God that oversees the affairs of our lives. We can find wisdom and strength in the reality of His almighty power. Even in the most severe circumstances of our lives, God will work to accomplish His purposes. He uses not only our decisions but even the evil intentions of those who stand against us to accomplish a good work in our lives and others. Rest in His Love, Mercy, and Grace my friends.