In the burial of Jesus, found in Matthew 27:59-66, we see how God is working in everything. He used Joseph of Arimathea providentially to fulfill prophecy. He used the two Marys providentially to give first-hand testimony to the resurrection. And He used the chief priests and Pharisees providentially to give forceful proof that Jesus indeed rose from the dead. How does this relate to us? An examination of Romans 8:28-29, reminds us that “All things work together for” . . . WHAT? . . . “good, to those who love God” What is the purpose of these events? Verse 29 tells us that it is to “conform us into the image of His [God’s] Son” and to be “The firstborn among many brethren.” God controls all things to fulfill His eternal purpose for His own beloved Children. This idea of God’s sovereignty and God’s providence is not some distant doctrine only for theologians. This is where the rubber meets the road. It is essential when we can’t explain the trouble we are going through and we need to understand that the providential power of a sovereign God will take every bit of the diverse data of the universe and control it all four our good and His glory and eternal purpose. Is that comforting? God is in control. He has not abandoned His throne. And our hope and our confidence is in the God who providentially and if need be miraculously controls all things to His own intended and eternal purpose.