There is no such thing as a faithful ministry that is not costly. In order to work through the pin of ministry, we must be willing to persevere till the end. In the book of Nehemiah, we are told about how God worked in the heart of Nehemiah to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall of that great city. The world understood that the rebuilding of the Walls would also mean that Jerusalem would once again move toward a city of prominence. Any time we are attempting to do a work for the Lord, we will incur opposition. We can do all the prayer preparation, and presentation of the work, and we will still face those who will oppose what we do. Like Nehemiah we need to turn to God in the face of opposition, and understand that our true strength lies with the Lord. Zechariah 4:6 reminds us that “not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts” Take time to look at Nehemiah 4:13-23 and see how to persevere through the work that God has called you to do. Don’t loose heart, but continue to stay focused on the goal set before you.