The Biblical account of the woman’s remarkable creating, given to us in Genesis 2:20-25, is absolutely remarkable. The Hebrew expression describing how God “Mad [the rib] into a woman [“Ishah”} denotes careful construction and design. Literally, it means God built a woman He carefully assembled a whole new creature with just the right set of attributes to make her the ideal mate for man [Adam]. Specially created buy God for Adam from his own flesh and bone, “Ishah” suited Adam perfectly in every way. She is a wonderful illustration of the goodness of God’ grace, and the perfect wisdom of His will. God made her while Adam was asleep, without any tips or suggestions from Adam. Yet she perfectly met every need Adam had, satisfied every longing he may ever have felt, and delighted every faulty of his senses. She answered his need for companionship; she was a source of joy and gladness to him and she made possible the procreation of the human race. She complemented Adam perfectly, and she enhanced everything about his existence. Man (Hebrew “Ish”) must have been overjoyed to have this woman (“Ishah”) in his life. His first words upon meeting her express a profound sense of wonder, genuine delight, and abiding satisfaction “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” She was a priceless treasure to be cherished a worthy partner to encourage him, and a pleasing spouse who would love him in return. What a joy and privilege it is for us to recognize the value of women in our lives. Without this great gift from God, none of us would be here today. We can all evaluate whether we had a good mother or a poor one, but the reality is that we all have one! Good or bad, they all gave us the opportunity to be born, and sacrificed their bodies for our benefit. Happy Mother’s day to moms, Happy women’s day to ALL ladies, young and old, who have not become mom’s. Remember, a mother is not just someone who is biologically a mother, a mother is a lady, who has sacrificed their lives for others. Men, We need to recognize the value of God’s gift of “Ishah” to us to provide us with one who will be our helper.