I enjoy reading historical novels. One of my Favorite is “The Frontiersman” by Allen Eckert. I have not only read the book several times, I have viewed the outdoor drama several times because I enjoy the way he makes Simon Kenton and Tecumseh come alive. I could say that I know them, but yet, I really only know about them. Interest in theology, and knowledge about God, and the capacity to think clearly and talk well on Christian themes, is not at all the same thing as knowing God. We may know as much about God as John Calvin knew and yet not know God at all. Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 12:12 “Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a wariness of the flesh. The question is not whether we are good at theology, or balanced in our approach to the problems of Christian living; the question is can we say, simply, honestly, and sincerely, that we know God! This morning’s challenge is to ask myself if I know God, or if I know about Him. I am amazed that if I were in a crowd that God would be able to recognize me and pick me out, because we are friends. That is amazing to me. This happens because I know Him, not because I know about Him. I have learned the historical accounts of Simon Kenton, but if I were in a crowd of people, he would not recognize me, nor would he seek me out. It is not because he is to proud to acknowledge my presence. It is because he does not know me. The reality is that knowing God is as much about Him know me as it is about me knowing Him. Work on your relationship with Him, make Him not only your God but your Father. Become part of the family of God.