Technology is so far beyond my understanding. It seems that the more that I learn about technology, the more I recognize that it is simply complex. I don’t have to understand how my computer works in order to make it work, but the greater that I understand the computer the more I can unlock its power and potential. There is a sense, in which that is similar to our relationship with God. The greater I know Him, the more I can unlock the power and potential that He has for me. People who truly know God demonstrate a strength in the midst of trial and difficulties. Daniel was no stranger to difficulties, he was taken as a young boy by the Babylonians, and they attempted to retrain him in his thinking and actions. However, Daniel knew, and the Babylonians would learn, that he was a better citizen of Babylon because of his relationship with the Lord, than he would be if he embraced the culture that he was brought into. May we learn this valuable lesson, and as Daniel did “purpose in our hearts that we will not sin against the Lord” (Daniel 1:8).