Knowing God is a relationship calculated to thrill a man’s heart. What happens is that the almighty Creator, the Lord of hosts,, before whom the nations are as a drop in a bucket, comes to us and begins to reveal Himself to us, there the words of truth of the Holy Scripture. As we listen to what God is saying, we find ourselves brought very low; for God talks to us about our sin, and guilt, and compels us to judge ourselves hopeless and helpless, and cry out for forgiveness. But this is not all. We come to realize as we listen that God is actually opening our heart to Him, making us His friends, and enlisting us to be covenant partners. It is a staggering thiing, but it is true — the relationship in which sinful human beings know God is one in which God takes us on His staff, and to be henceforth His fellow-workers and personal friends. Teh action of God in taking Joseph from prison to become Pharaoh’s prime minister is a picture of what He does for each believer: from being Satan’s prisoner, he finds himself transferred to a position of trust in the service of God. If we desire to know God we must listen who what God tells us about Himself in His Word and receive it as the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the realities of its application. May we learn from the depth of the Word the vast resources at our disposal because of the person of our God.