The last thing I ever wanted to do in school was to learn about things that I believed were useless to me. I struggled to understand the importance of knowing phonics, and learning the difference between a noun and a verb. The challenge of writing a 3 page paper seemed overwhelming to me. How would knowing history, be a key to better serving God and growing in my role in society. In my mind, these things were nothing but things that would enable me to win trivia contests. Yet, little did I realize that the more I understood the world around me the better I would understand the Word of God. A big part of understnding God’s truth is understanding what He has said. I came to realize that our command of the language arts and sytax is critical to our understnding the Word of God. God has given us His Word in written form, and the better our understanding of written language the greater our ability to come to understand what He has given us to know. Our ability to write a paper, and put words together into coherent thoughts have taught me that God has given me instruction and direction from His Word. Unless we understand the difference between narrative and poetry, we can’t understand the meaning and purpose of books like Genesis and Psalms. We must recognize that understanding all truth, helps us understand God’s truth better. I may not like to learn, but learning is a way of life. In Malachi 3:6, God says, “For I am the Lord, I change not.” Because of this truth, we can look at how God has worked in the Bible, and know that God is the same today, that He was yesterday. This truth can enable us better deal with the days and circumstances that we are facing. Knowing that God has worked in the past, and has controlled the events and lives of the world powers, gives us confidence that when He tells us about what is yet to come, He can make those events happen. Learning is not a part of the curse, learning is what makes us unique in God’s creation. It is because we have been created to think, and understand truth, that we are able to evaluate our lives, and understand our need to seek forgiveness from God. As you grow in your knowledge of truth, you are better equipped to make wise decisions.