Husbands, we are directly instructed to “dwell with our wives according to knowledge” I know some husbands who would say that it would be easier to understand quantum physics that to understand their wives, but that is what the text says! While the text is directly addressed to the husbands it is not bad biblical interpretation to suggest that the principle of understanding one another can be applied to other relationships as well. What does it mean to understand another person? It means to make what is important to them important to you as well. How do we develop an understanding spirit? By making the time to really get to know each other, and buy making it a point to really listen to the other person. Yogi Berra once said “You can hear an awful lot by just listening. Parents, I don’t know of any child that would be repulsed by a parent who was quick to really listen to them. Getting to know someone is a time consuming task, that seems to change with each passing day, but taking the time to truly come to that understanding will strengthen the relationships that the Lord brings into our lives.