I remember while in Jr high I was sitting on the bleachers in our gym and a classmate came over and sat down beside me and said, “you know, if you were to fall of these bleachers, and kill yourself, no one would miss you.” Those words affected me for several years, until I came to understand the power of salvation. But even then, as I sit in my office this morning, I can still feel the sting of those words, as they come to my mind. James 3:1-12 reminds us of the impact of our tongue, and the fact that our words are really a reflection of our own hearts. The power of our tongues has the ability to encourage others to great heights in accomplishing more than they ever dreamed possible; or they can tear people down and cause them to live a defeated and crippled life. Never underestimate what a kind word will mean to those around you, never use your speech to tear a person down. Even criticism, given with encouragement can bring hope in a person’s life. Today, use your words to uplift those you come into contact with.