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Hope provides comfort – Psalm 146:5-6

by Jim Jamison

Because God has given us a perspective on the future and we know that He will bring it to pass; Because of who the sovereign God is and what He does for His own, nothing can supersede hop in Him as a source of lasting joy. Those who hope in Him are able to endure […]

Hope is revealed in Scripture – Romans 15:4

by Jim Jamison

God has revealed His plan for us, not because we have a right to know, but because of His Divine Grace. This grace is extended toward us so that we may have hope in the midst of our lives. The Bible is full of God’ -given promises, which are divine guarantees in which any follower […]

Where our hope rests – Hebrews 6:19-20

by Jim Jamison

The world’s hopelessness stands in stark contrast to the genuine and lasting hope that God offers. To be sure, the present joys of salvation cannot compare with the ultimate, surpassing joys that divine hope guarantees for the future, when salvation is fully realized. Since eternal glory is the reason for God’s saving plan and purpose, […]