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The call to commitment – 1 Peter 5:6-11

by Jim Jamison

The Word of God encourages us not to live in the gray twilight of existence. God’s Word not only encourages us, but commands us to become involved in the battle for truth! The very enemy who endeavored to withstand God in His own heaven and who withstood man in his innocence in the Garden of […]

Baptism: A mark of obedience

by Jim Jamison

As interest in Baptism has sort of decreased in our current church culture, it was a blessing to have 4 young men baptized at our church this past Sunday. What a wonderful opportunity for these young men to declare publicly their commitment to Christ, and desire to be a visual witness for Him. It is […]

Jesus is the Life – John 14:6

by Jim Jamison

As Jesus clarifies his destination in John 14:6 He says to the disciples that not only is He “the Way” (drawing on His teaching found in John 10:1-30), and not only is He “the Truth” (drawing on his teaching found in John 8:12-36), but also, He says that He is “he Life”. Here He draws […]