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Dominion: How it affects our person – Genesis 1:26

by Jim Jamison

What does the fact that we are given dominion over the earth mean in Genesis 1:26? Well in regard to our person it means that we are created to learn and grow. As humans we do not do what we do primarily by instinct we do it by intellect as we learn and grow. This […]

The highest of all God’s Creation – Genesis 1:26

by Jim Jamison

According to Genesis 1:26 the human race was designed by God and given a mandate to exercise dominion over the rest of creation. Man was intended by God to be the sovereign of the plant. He was literally instructed to subdue the planet, to take dominion, and rule over everything God had placed on earth. […]

God is searching for us – Genesis 1:26-30

by Jim Jamison

As we think about the fact that Genesis 1:26-30 tells us that we are created in the image of God, we are reminded that God created us to have a relationship with us. God is not far off, distant, elusive, and hidden. Rather, what the story of Scripture reveals is that God is the one […]

We are God’s Counterparts – Genesis 1:26-30

by Jim Jamison

When we speak of being made in the image of God it is not just our looks or our physical make up that are like God. As humans we are God’s counterpart in that God gave humanity total dominion over the earth. God created humans with a freedom of choice to make the decisions necessary […]

God’s Estimation of you – Genesis 1:26-30

by Jim Jamison

Genesis 1:26-30 challenges the diminished notions we have about human value. We live in a society that desperately needs to understand that each person is uniquely valued and blessed by God. How wonderful it would be if each child started life knowing how incredibly precious they are. This is not an effort to deify man, […]