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Overcoming Suffering

by Jim Jamison

The question of whether people can and should be expected to make sound moral judgments has a dramatic impact on the way we face the challenges of daily living. Man’s love for truth and willingness to take responsibility fo their choices is essential to understanding what it means to be truly human. Bod, by His […]

The power of the sustainging Gospel and the past

by Jim Jamison

As we go through times of trials and testing we need to process any trial properly before it becomes a destructive or debilitating part of our past. As we consider our response to that suffering, it is wise to get in the habit of asking ourselves, “Do I really want to wear that response, in […]

Dealing with the past Biblically – Genesis 50:20

by Jim Jamison

One of the hardest things we have to work through is that bad things happen to good people. When this happens our view of God is critical to our answer and each of us will have to decide what place the Bible should have in this process of evaluation. Genesis 50:20 is a passage where […]

Learning from our past – Philippians 3:13

by Jim Jamison

Our past is a silent companion that accompanies us wherever we go. Yet the Bible gives us several was our past can be among our best friends. 1. When we need strength and confidence we can remember how God has worked in our lives in the past remembering “He is the same yesterday, today, and […]

Never let your past become your enemy – Genesis 50:20

by Jim Jamison

As we learn to apply Philippians 3:13 to our lives, and “forget those things which are in the past” we need to understand that our past can potentially hinder our growth in Christ in at least if we allow it. We need to understand the Word of God and seek direction from it to overcome […]