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The importance of proclaiming the truths of Revelation – Revelation 22:10-11

by Jim Jamison

The message of the book of Revelation, that Jesus will return bringing blessing for His own and horrifying judgment on the ungodly, is too critical not to spread. Therefore, to fail to preach Revelation is not only foolish (cf. Rev. 1:3), but also sinful. Any follower of Christ who fails to learn its truths is forfeiting blessing; and any preacher who fails to proclaim its truths is sinfully unfaithful to his mandate. Not to preach the book of Revelation is to fail to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ with the glory that is due Him. The truth it dramatically conveys is that people’s response to the proclamation of the truth will fix their eternal destinies. Thos who hear the truth but continue to do wrong and be filty will by that hardened response fix their eternal destiny in hell. On the other hand, the ones who continue to practice righteousness and “keep himself holy” gives evidence of genuine saving faith. It is sobering to realize that people’s response to God’s gospel truth in this life will determine their eternal destiny. When they die, or when the Lord returns, their character will be forever fixed. Remember God’s Spirit will not always … READ MORE

What or Who do you worship? – Revelation 22:8-9

by Jim Jamison

What or who are you worshipping? We are created to worship! The problem is that we often worship the wrong things. The Bible forbids the worship of anything or anyone other than God, which includes: angels, saints, Mary (Jesus’ mother), or any other created being. Here in Revelation 22:8-9 reminds us that a proper understanding of the book of Revelation will elicit worship, but God alone is the only acceptable Person to worship. We are reminded here in this book, that our salvation is not in the power of men, but through the Power of God. This truth should elicit worship in all who recognize that salvation. Jesus is preparing to return, are you ready?… READ MORE

A call to obedience – Revelation 22:7b

by Jim Jamison

The reality of our Lord’s imminent return, seen in Revelation 22:7, calls for a response on the part of every follower of Jesus Christ. It begins in the second part of Revelation 22:7, where we read, “Blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” Followers of Jesus Christ are called to immediate obedience to His words. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” We do not choose to be obedient to the Lord because we desire to gain heaven, we choose to be obedient because we love our Savior. Revelation 22:7 is a general command to long for Christ’s return and our eternal fellowship with Him. After reading the book of Revelation. Those who follow Jesus Christ, should love Christ more, long to see Him vindicated in His glory, live in light of the reality that they will one day see Him, disconnect themselves from the perishing world system, pursue heavenly realities, seek to be made like Christ, hope for their resurrection bodies, and anticipate their eternal rewards. God does not command His followers to read the book of Revelation merely to satisfy their curiosity about the future. He gave … READ MORE