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Defined by my past? – Matthew 15:19-20

by Jim Jamison

While there are certainly many factors that are used to explain sin in our lives, and while we can build a case that these theories certainly contribute to the struggle we have with sin. We must understand that the true reason for our sin grows out of our sinful hearts. To overcome that battle I […]

Am I a victim? – Genesis 50:23

by Jim Jamison

Why do I sin? Our culture says that one of the reasons that I sin is because I am a victim of my past. The events of our past cause us to be who we are. If you are struggling with those thoughts today, I would encourage you to take time to read Genesis Chapters […]

Does your environment cause you to sin? – Proverbs 13:20

by Jim Jamison

As we continue to think about how our culture explains away inappropriate behavior, another explanation is that our parents or society is responsible for our sinful behavior. We often excuse our behavior, by saying, ” did what I did, because of what you did. Fore example: I would never have gotten angry with you if […]

Am I a product of genetic design? – 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

by Jim Jamison

There are many reasons given to attempt to explain why people do what they do. Until science discovered DNA and chromosomes, the idea of a specific gene that causes us to struggle with our sin was not widely entertained. This has lead to the theory that I can’t help what I am doing, and therefore, […]

Can I change? – Romans 7:18-24

by Jim Jamison

We all struggle with motives, actions, and thoughts. Yet, to often as Christians, we say to ourselves and others “That is just the way I am!” Sinful behavior is simply accepted in our lives because we believe that there is nothing more that we can do about it, because we don’t know why we do […]