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Our Peace with God – Romans 5:1

by Jim Jamison

The first link in the unbreakable chain that eternally binds believes to Christ is seen in Romans 5:1 “Peace with God!” It is important to recognize that this is “peace WITH God”, not “the peace OF God” What is the difference? “The peace of God” is what we receive because of the relationship we have […]

The Security of Salvation – Romans 5:1-11

by Jim Jamison

One of Satan’s primary tactics against believers is that he attacks us with thoughts of doubt concerning the security of our salvation. In Romans 3-4, Paul proves that salvation comes only on the basis of God’s grace working through man’s faith. Man’s only part in becoming saved is to receive forgiveness and reconciliation freely in […]

Our security through the Father – Romans 8:31-33

by Jim Jamison

In Romans 8:31-33, Paul starts this great passage by making an interesting statement, “If God be for us” – The word translated “If” in the Greek signifies a fulfilled condition, and would be better translated “BECAUSE God is for us” (emphasis mine). The obvious implication is that if anyone were to attempt to rob us […]

Our Security in Christ – Romans 8:31-39

by Jim Jamison

Paul closes his magnificent chapter in Romans 8 with what may be called a hymn of security. This closing passage is a crescendo of questions and answers regarding issues some objectors might raise about our security in Christ. Although verses 31-39 continue his argument in defense of purity, they also amount to an almost poetic […]

Shallow Conviction – James 2:18-20

by Jim Jamison

James 2:18-20 reminds us that Faith is not really faith at all unless it leads to service. The proof of life is activity, those who are dead do nothing but lay around and decay. We need to understand that knowing and understanding orthodox doctrine is no guarantee of salvation; even the demons are orthodox in […]