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God is in Control – The Book of Esther

by Jim Jamison

The Book of Esther reminds us that men have their design, but God is still in control. Haman did all he could to plan and scheme to set himself up to be in control. But God had another plan to humble him, and use his life to remind us that God is in control of […]

For such a time as this – Esther 4:14

by Jim Jamison

We have seen these words from Esther 4:14 in many contexts, often in a positive light. We forget that these words were said to her by her relative, Mordecai, at one of the darkest moments of their lives. The Jew’s very existence was weighing in the balances. The challenge was to understand that we don’t […]

Dominion: Our Privilege – Genesis 1:26

by Jim Jamison

While man has fallen and is guilty of sin, he has not lost his ability to have dominion over the world that God has created for him. We have done some amazing things in the last 100 years: – We have devised technology that has allowed us to cultivate only a fraction of the earth’s […]

Dominion: How it affects our position – Genesis 1:26

by Jim Jamison

According to Genesis 11:26 Creation was to submit to the rule of Man. Before sin entered the world this was an easy and pleasant assignment for Adam. It was no doubt a source of great joy. Imagine working in a garden that was sweatless, weedless, and curse-free! Adam was given both dominion over God’s creation […]