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The work of regeneration – John 3:8

by Jim Jamison

It was absolutely necessary for Nicodemus to get over his astonishment that he was so wrong about how one is accepted into God’s kingdom n John 3:1-10. Jesus shares with him that he could never do so based on his own righteous works. And He illustrates His point with a very familiar example from Nature […]

The New Birth – Hebrews 9:23-24

by Jim Jamison

Our salvation is based on the covenant whose redeeming work is finished on the sacrifice that has been offered once for all time by the eternal Spirit Himself. Hebrews 9:23-24 reminds us that the Sacrifice of Christ was offered “through the eternal Spirit” It is in John 3:1-10 that Jesus introduces the concept of the […]

Manna: What is our response to its provision – John 6:35

by Jim Jamison

Jesus is the bread of life, without him we can do nothing. What are we supposed to do? Eat!!! Are we spiritually hungry? Will we avail ourselves to the feast set before us? The prodigal son come to himself and said, my father’s house has bread enough and to spare, while I perish with hunger! […]

Manna: the picture of our daily bread – Matthew 6:11

by Jim Jamison

Numbers 11:9 reminds us that each night as the dew fell, Manna was dropped with the manna so that every morning, when the Israelites woke up, there was a supply of food for each day. This bread was daily bred, not weekly bread. This manna came where the people were, and it came in spite […]

Manna: The picture of Who Jesus Is – John 6:51

by Jim Jamison

The Manna God provided for the nation of Israel was to illustrate who Jesus is. It was small, which speaks of his humility. He came as a small baby in a manger . . . What an act of humility!  It was round, which speaks of His deity, a complete circle it hand no beginning […]