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obtaining victory over depression – Romans 8:28-30

by Jim Jamison

¬†All people face difficulties in their lives, the only question is how and why do we handle them differently as believers. In Romans 8:28-30 we are reminded that not only is God in control, but that He has a perfect plan to establish His glory and our Good. Ultimately, God’s desire is to make us […]

Mothers who make a difference – Eunice – 2 Timothyy 1:1-5

by Jim Jamison

Timothy first joined Paul on his journeys in Acts 16:1-3 after he visits a city called Lystra and we see him being a faithful friend even in Paul’s imprisonment in Rome. Timothy, along with his mother and grandmother, were Jewish believers who heard about Christ and accepted Him. The faith that was in Timothy was […]

Mothers who make a difference: Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2)

by Jim Jamison

In 1 Samuel 1-2, Hannah prayed for a son for many years and after years of prayer and endurance, God gave her a son. She promised the Lord that if he would bless her with a son, she would give Him back to the Lord. After Samuel was weaned, Hannah did just that, committing him […]

Mothers who make a difference: Jochebed – Exodus 1-2

by Jim Jamison

Moses’ mother took great risks to protect her son. Unfortunately, this woman was a slave among a very brutal people. The plan according to Exodus 1:15-16, was to control the Hebrew people through controlling the male population. The problem for the Pharaoh (Exodus 1:17-22) is that the midwives did not obey his command and allowed […]

Mother’s who make a difference: Eve – Genesis 3:20

by Jim Jamison

Eve, was the mother of all living people who have been and who will be. Her name, Eve, means “living” She was he first mother and the first woman to ever give birth to a child. I wonder if she knew what to expect when it came time for Cain to be born? I wonder […]