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Disarming your doubts – John 20

by Jim Jamison

Thomas struggled with doubt, but he did not struggle with unbelief. He knew that Jesus could raise from the dead, but what would that look like, and is it true. The defining moment in Thomas’ life is found in John 20 where we see 5 things that helped him deal with his doubt. Let me take a few moments and explore them.1. Doubt develops in isolation: John 20:24 gives us the key to the passage when it says “Thomas .. was not with them when Jesus came.” Doubt flourishes in the dark. Thomas had drawn apart from the others and missed not only the consolation but also the miracle. Darkness feeds doubt; daylight has a way of dispelling the worst of it. Sometimes our questions have less to do with theological enigmas than with a simple case of the blues. If we stay connected to people, we are more likely to stay connected to our faith. 2. Doubt demands evidence (John 20:25): True doubt never turns away from the facts, wherever they may lead. Thomas says in this passage, “forgive me for not taking your word for it. I will make my own evaluation, if it’s all the same to … READ MORE

Disarming your Doubts – John 20

by Jim Jamison

Perhaps the defining question for the human race is “Why?” Of all God’s creatures, we are the only ones wo seek to understand, and secure the reason and rationale for circumstances and events. When the answers elude our grasp and the void ignores our questions, we suffer a kind of spiritual vertigo we call doubt. But we need to recognize that doubt is not to opposition of faith, but the opportunity of faith, the growing pains of an eager, seeking spirit. The rue enemy of faith is unbelief, which refuses to consider truth. Doubt is a necessary leg of the journey, that when approached correctly leads to a deeper understanding of life and truth. In John 20 we see Thomas’ struggle to understand the truth that Jesus has raised from the dead. We was missing on the day Jesus first showed up in the upper room, and even though all 10 of the other disciples said they saw Jesus, he doubted the validity of their message. He wanted to come to a clear understanding of this truth for himself, as a result his doubt does not cause Him to abandon his faith, but we find him 8 days later still … READ MORE

Resisting your resentment – 1 Corinthians 13:5

by Jim Jamison

1 Corinthians 13:5 says, “Love ….. Thinks no evil.” The teeth of resentment cuts sharp and deep, and can lay waste to the life that God designed as a feast and a celebration of abundant living. Resentful souls draw the drapes and purposely block out the sunshine. Resentment is anger multiplied by time, and does not dissipate like anger, but lurks beneath the surface, undetected by any sonogram. Author Lewis B. Smedes wrote, “We make believe we are at peace while the furies rage within, beneath the surface. There, hidden, and suppressed, our hate opens the subterranean faucets of venom that will eventually infect all of our relationships in ways we cannot predict.” The Bible paints a detailed portrait of the malignant giant called resentment. It is a poison that affects the lives of millions in our society today. But Paul tells us that love keeps no books, no scoreboard, and makes no list of who to hate. Love remembers to forget! Chrysostom, the leader of the fourth-century church, once said, “a wrong done against love is like a spark that falls into the sea and is quenched.” How do you manifest such love when it is so unnatural? Galatians … READ MORE