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What am I working for? – Ephesians 6:5-8

by Jim Jamison

When I say “WORK,” what do you think of? Necessary evil? Drudgery? This past weekend we celebrated Labor Day, and it is a time we consider how God usually provides for us. When God created man, He placed him in the garden and told him to tend the garden and be creative in taking care of it. God never created us to sit by idly and do nothing, we were created to work. It was not until Adam sinned that work became toil. As a result of this change, we struggle to view work as anything but something we should attempt to get through. Yet, we spend about 40% of our waking hours commuting, working or thinking about our work. Since we spend so much time focusing on work, we need to understand how work should affect our lives. Ephesians 6:5-7 reminds us that as we are submitting ourselves to God and others, we should serve at work as though we are serving God. The reality is that all that we do we are to do to the glory of God, and that includes Work. Even after we are no longer working, and entering into the realm of retirement, we … READ MORE

The Hope of the Saints demands the return of Christ – Titus 2:23

by Jim Jamison

Only Jesus’ glorious, triumphant return can fulfill the hope of the saints. (Titus 2:13). God is not in the business of giving false hope, He knows what we are waiting for. His Word gives us every reason to long for the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, and He will not disappoint that blessed hope. We need to understand that the second coming is not supposed to make us stop what we are doing and wait for the Lord’s return. Neither should it motivate us to focus all our attention on the events and political developments of this world. Instead, it should direct our hearts toward, Christ, whose coming we await. And this knowledge should motivate us into action as we prepare for that return. The return of Christ should give you great hope and encouragement as you face each day. Perhaps it will be yet today! … READ MORE

The destruction of Satan demands the return of Christ – Philippians 2:9-11

by Jim Jamison

When we left Jesus at His ascension we saw that because of His work on the cross and resurrection He defeated Satan, but that was not the final event in history regarding Satan’s fall. The world is still affected by his role on the earth, and one day we are told that God will exalt the person of Christ and ALL THINGS will give honor to Him (Philippians 2:9-11). As a result of this the Bible reminds us that the destruction of Satan (seen in Revelation 20:10) will be complete and final. This world has been given to Christ as His footstool (Hebrews 1:13), yet He has not yet reigned on the world. That truth reminds us that Christ will come to the earth, to demonstrate His love and compassion to His Kingdom. The time to turn to Him is now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, because your tomorrow may not allow you to respond in time. … READ MORE