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Standing for the truth – Matthew 5:10-12

by Jim Jamison

Possession of the Scriptures adds to the guilt of those who reject Christ. But that possession does not mean that there is understanding or an appreciation for the truth. Many use the Scriptures to their own end, and for their own advantage. Yet those very scriptures that they are attempting to follow are the very […]

The Hatred of the World for Believers – John 15:18-22

by Jim Jamison

The Lord was different from other men, He was sinless, He made no mistakes, He never failed. He spoke the truth without fear or favor, Though always in love. He refused to compromise with moral evil, doctrinal error, and personal hypocrisy. He exposed the corruption and decay of the establishment. He taught in a memorable […]

Overcoming adversaries – John 15:18-25

by Jim Jamison

From the day the church began on the day of Pentecost, the church of Jesus Christ has faced opposition. Jesus balanced the promises of comfort found in John 14 and 15, with a warning to the disciples of the hostility that awaited them beginning in John 15:18. In the face of the world’s hatred, the […]

God is the source of our life – John 15:1-17

by Jim Jamison

We must understand that the source of our life is from God, and we can do nothing apart from him. We may have a relationship with Him, but be trying to establish our lives apart from Him. One may not have relationship with him, and try to live a life of satisfaction without Him. John […]

The secret of Abounding – John 15:6-17

by Jim Jamison

n John 15:6-17 we see the secret of abounding in Christ. Here Jesus starts in verse 6 Jesus starts with the uselessness of the branch that is no longer attached to the vine. Thee is a notable change here in the Lord’s pronouns. Up to this point He has been using first and second person […]