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Check your energy for God – Daniel 11:32

by Jim Jamison

Technology is so far beyond my understanding. It seems that the more that I learn about technology, the more I recognize that it is simply complex. I don’t have to understand how my computer works in order to make it work, but the greater that I understand the computer the more I can unlock its […]

Knowing God – John 17:3

by Jim Jamison

I enjoy reading historical novels. One of my Favorite is “The Frontiersman” by Allen Eckert. I have not only read the book several times, I have viewed the outdoor drama several times because I enjoy the way he makes Simon Kenton and Tecumseh come alive. I could say that I know them, but yet, I […]

God’s Gift of the Woman – Genesis 2:20-25

by Jim Jamison

The Biblical account of the woman’s remarkable creating, given to us in Genesis 2:20-25, is absolutely remarkable. The Hebrew expression describing how God “Mad [the rib] into a woman [“Ishah”} denotes careful construction and design. Literally, it means God built a woman He carefully assembled a whole new creature with just the right set of […]