The question of when Christ will return has fueled, speculation by many “well meaning” preachers, and by many for their own gain. It is often used to scare the lost, and wayward believers to get in line for Christ, but what is the purpose for us to know that Christ will return, and what does the Bible say about that return? This Sunday, November 27, during the morning service at 10:30 am we will examine 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and attempt to understand what Paul was talking about when he mentions to Titus in Titus 2:13 concerning the “Blessed Hope”. We want to understand that the primary purpose of the rapture of the Church is not to scare the wayward, but to encourage and comfort those who are following Christ. While the reality of this event should cause people to pause and consider their relationship with Christ, this is a wonderful promise, that gives believers something exciting to look forward to. We hope to see you this Sunday as we look at this wonderful future event!!!